Succulent Arrangements

Yukiko made these three arrange­ments from vari­eties of suc­cu­lents that grow well in Marin County, Cal­i­for­nia and else­where through­out the San Fran­cisco Bay Area.

Succulents in half round container by Yukiko 2015 Suc­cu­lent Arrange­ment in half round container


Succulent Arrangement in 12" Diameter Container Suc­cu­lent Arrange­ment in 12″ Diam­e­ter Con­tainer Succulent Arrangement in square container, 9" tall Suc­cu­lent Arrange­ment in square con­tainer, 9″ tall

There are thou­sands of vari­eties of suc­cu­lents grow­ing around the world.     Some attrac­tive suc­cu­lent col­lec­tions in Eng­lish and South Pacific gar­dens are shown in Wikipedia’s entry on suc­cu­lents.

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Holiday Florals ~ two celebrations in Marin

Con­tem­po­rary Flo­ral Design Originals ~

Holiday Celebration Bouquet by Yukiko Hol­i­day Cel­e­bra­tion Bou­quet by Yukiko

Cen­ter­piece of hol­i­day col­ors is view­able from all around the table.

Flow­ers in arrange­ment above include cym­bid­ium orchids, roses, hyper­icum, tulips, lemons, pome­gran­ites and kale  ~ for hol­i­day table in Ross, California.


Thanksgiving Floral Celebration ~ 5 feet tall Thanks­giv­ing Cel­e­bra­tion, 5′ tall

This five foot tall theme arrange­ment was installed by Yukiko at Smith Ranch Homes in San Rafael, California.

Flo­ral mate­ri­als include wheat, cym­bid­ium orchids, roses, hyper­icum, tulips, lemons, pome­gran­ites and kale ~ for buf­fet in main din­ing room.

Two photo edit­ing treat­ments of the hol­i­day table cen­ter­piece follow:

Thanksgiving Celebration bw Hol­i­day Cel­e­bra­tion black & white


Thanksgiving Celebration duotone Hol­i­day Cel­e­bra­tion duotone

More table cen­ter­piece arrange­ments by Yukiko are pic­tured here:  Cen­ter­pieces.

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Equisitum Ikebana in Two Containers

This ike­bana arrange­ment in two con­tain­ers con­nects Earth and Heaven.

Yukiko’s design includes equi­si­tum,  ficus, pro­tea, suc­cu­lents, calla lilies.

Equisitum Ikebana in two Containers, Design by Yukiko Equi­si­tum Ike­bana in two Con­tain­ers, Design by Yukiko
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Celebration Bouquet ~ Chinese Lanterns

This con­tem­po­rary design orig­i­nal by Yukiko was just pre­sented to a new mother at Marin Gen­eral Hos­pi­tal, Green­brae, California.

Celebration Bouquet  ~ Chinese Lanterns Original Design by Yukiko Cel­e­bra­tion Bou­quet ~ Chi­nese Lanterns
Orig­i­nal Design by Yukiko
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Yukiko’s Design Blog & Ikebana Photography Online Together

Yukiko’s flo­ral design blog and ike­bana gallery are online, together, here, now.

bridal bouquet bridal bouquet

Flo­ral design pho­tographs from 2014 are avail­able on pdf, menu but­ton, above.

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About: Japanese Floral Themes & San Francisco Bay Area Clients

Pho­to­graphic images of my freestyle ike­bana speak bet­ter to the eye than long columns of words.

So, Yukiko’s Flo­ral Design Studio’s tran­si­tion to new Word­Press 4 soft­ware begins here.

Word­Press pages look bet­ter on smart phones and iPads. WP’s large pho­tos and quick hotlinks work bet­ter on Fire­fox, Safari and Chrome browsers. IE-7, which didn’t have any trou­ble before, won’t have any — any more.

Tell us what you think about these ini­tial Ike­bana pages

marin-ikebana-DSCN11-web Freestyle Ikebana

(Marin Ike­bana)


ikebana-wedding-flowers Wed­ding Flow­ers Ikebana

(Wed­ding at Uni­ver­sity Club, San Francisco.

Learn Ike­bana: Hands-on Work­shops at Yukiko’s Flo­ral Design Stu­dio in Marin.

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Wedding Flowers by San Francisco Bay

The wed­ding cou­ple, Elbert and Joanna, viewed all of Yukiko’s flo­ral designs on-line, and asked her to cre­ate some­thing really spe­cial for their wed­ding and recep­tion at the Spin­naker in Sausalito.


Matthew May Pho­tog­ra­phy, SF Bay Area Wed­ding Photographer

Calla lilies, gar­den roses (open like peonies), dusty miller and tulips blend in bride’s and bride bridegroom’s color theme.

It’s all about yellow!

Bride’s bou­quet was espe­cially cre­ated for Joanna by Yukiko.

Bride groom’s bou­ton­nière with yel­low calla lily and green suc­cu­lent on banana leaf shirt.

Groom’s men wear bou­ton­nieres with tra­di­tional Phillipino cos­tumes on the green at Cav­allo Point.


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