Floral Design by Yukiko

Chuppah Floral Theme in Marin Weddings

Chup­pah flo­rals accent wed­ding theme against back drop of the tower at the San Fran­cisco Sem­i­nary in San Anselmo.

Chuppah, San Francisco Seminary Chup­pah wed­ding, San Fran­cisco Sem­i­nary, San Anselmo



Wed­ding Flow­ers in Marin County designed by Yukiko


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Storage Jar, Floral Design by Yukiko ~ Bouquets to Art 2015

Storage Jar, floral design by Yukiko, Bouquets to Art 2015, De Young Museum, San Francisco

Stor­age Jar, flo­ral design by Yukiko, Bou­quets to Art 2015, De Young Museum, San Fran­cisco.  Photo was cap­tured with vin­tage Nikon-5000 cam­era, tri­pod mounted, with stu­dio lights.

Photo below was shot with hand-held iPhone cam­era under De Young Museum exhi­bi­tion lighting.

Bouquet to Art by Yukiko, thematic storage jar in background Bou­quet to Art by Yukiko, the­matic stor­age jar in background


Memorial Ikebana ~ with dignity and color

memorial ikebana Memo­r­ial Ike­bana with orchids, chrysan­the­mums, harakeke and flow­ers of Marin County ~ orig­i­nal flo­ral design by Yukiko

Memo­r­ial, or sym­pa­thy, flo­ral arrange­ment is shown in tra­di­tional “front” view for the seated observer of honor.

None-the-less, design is fin­ished for view­ing from all points of the compass.

Memo­r­ial ike­bana by Yukiko may be deliv­ered timely to ser­vices or cer­e­monies in Marin County, California.


Blues in a Vase ~ 2 views, Florals Designed by Yukiko

Flo­ral Cel­e­bra­tion designed with Freesia, Lisianthus, Forget-me-not, and horse­tails (equi­si­tum), orchids, with vase wrapped in harakeke (flaxx).

Floral Celebration in Blues and Purple, by Yukiko 2015 Flo­ral Cel­e­bra­tion in Blues and Pur­ple, by Yukiko 2015 Floral Celebration in Blues and Purple (second view) Flo­ral Cel­e­bra­tion in Blues and Pur­ple (sec­ond view)


3 Chinese Lanterns ~ Floral Arrangements by Yukiko

Clas­si­cal Chi­nese Lanterns arrange­ment with Curly Willow:

Chinese Lanterns with Curly Willow, designed by Yukiko Clas­si­cal Chi­nese Lanterns Arrange­ment with Curly Wil­low, designed by Yukiko


Chi­nese Lanterns Ikebana:

Chinese Lanterns Ikebana, designed by Yukiko Chi­nese Lanterns Ike­bana, designed by Yukiko


Chi­nese Lanterns Flo­ral Arrange­ment with Roses:

Chinese Lanterns Arrangements with Roses, designed by Yukiko

To send a Chi­nese Lanterns flo­ral arrange­ment to some­one in Marin County, Cal­i­for­nia, con­tact Yukiko’s stu­dio.

Housewarming Bouquet ~ 2 Views

Housewarming Bouquet ~ Front View, Designed by Yukiko House­warm­ing Flo­ral Bou­quet ~ Front View, Designed by Yukiko

Orchids and grape hyacinthe bou­quet wrapped in heavy glass vase with tee leaves and cur­ley wil­low ~ designed by Yukiko, Marin County, Cal­i­for­nia, 2015.

Housewarming Floral Bouquet by Yukiko House­warm­ing Flo­ral Bou­quet by Yukiko, View from Reverse



3 Valentines with Red Roses

Secret Gar­den of a Dozen Red Roses among wax flow­ers, pink jas­mine, peppercorn.

dozen red roses in secret garden Dozen Red Roses Valen­tine in Secret Gar­den , wax flow­ers, pink jas­mine, peppercorn

Valen­tine flo­ral arrange­ment with red roses, tulips, baby’s breath, Queen Anne’s Lace.

Valentine Arrangement with red roses, tulips, Valen­tine Arrange­ment with red roses, tulips, babys breath, love-in-the-mist ~ vase wrapped in tee leaves

3 flo­ral arrange­ments with red roses are designed for Valentine’s by Yukiko, in her Green­brae Cal­i­for­nia stu­dio. The larger, clas­sic design, above, is mixed with red tulips and it’s vase wrapped in tee leaves and curly willow.

Valen­tine with Branches, below, is wrapped in cin­na­mon sticks.

Valentine Roses with branches ~ vase wrapped with cinnamon Valen­tine Roses with branches ~ vase wrapped with cinnamon

If your Valen­tine lives in Marin County, Cal­i­for­nia, have one of these valen­tine flower arrange­ments deliv­ered by hand on Valentine’s Day.

Succulent Arrangements

Yukiko made these three arrange­ments from vari­eties of suc­cu­lents that grow well in Marin County, Cal­i­for­nia and else­where through­out the San Fran­cisco Bay Area.

Succulents in half round container by Yukiko 2015 Suc­cu­lent Arrange­ment in half round container


Succulent Arrangement in 12" Diameter Container Suc­cu­lent Arrange­ment in 12″ Diam­e­ter Container Succulent Arrangement in square container, 9" tall Suc­cu­lent Arrange­ment in square con­tainer, 9″ tall

There are thou­sands of vari­eties of suc­cu­lents grow­ing around the world.     Some attrac­tive suc­cu­lent col­lec­tions in Eng­lish and South Pacific gar­dens are shown in Wikipedia’s entry on suc­cu­lents.

Holiday Florals ~ two celebrations in Marin

Con­tem­po­rary Flo­ral Design Originals ~

Holiday Celebration Bouquet by Yukiko Hol­i­day Cel­e­bra­tion Bou­quet by Yukiko

Cen­ter­piece of hol­i­day col­ors is view­able from all around the table.

Flow­ers in arrange­ment above include cym­bid­ium orchids, roses, hyper­icum, tulips, lemons, pome­gran­ites and kale  ~ for hol­i­day table in Ross, California.


Thanksgiving Floral Celebration ~ 5 feet tall Thanks­giv­ing Cel­e­bra­tion, 5′ tall

This five foot tall theme arrange­ment was installed by Yukiko at Smith Ranch Homes in San Rafael, California.

Flo­ral mate­ri­als include wheat, cym­bid­ium orchids, roses, hyper­icum, tulips, lemons, pome­gran­ites and kale ~ for buf­fet in main din­ing room.

Two photo edit­ing treat­ments of the hol­i­day table cen­ter­piece follow:

Thanksgiving Celebration bw Hol­i­day Cel­e­bra­tion black & white


Thanksgiving Celebration duotone Hol­i­day Cel­e­bra­tion duotone

More table cen­ter­piece arrange­ments by Yukiko are pic­tured here:  Cen­ter­pieces.

original flower arrangements & ikebana showcase

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