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Ikebana Gallery いけばなギャラリ
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I Create Japanese Floral Themes for Special Events ~ San Francisco Bay Area
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tall bamboo, cymbidium and kale ikebana celebrates the New Year 2012
Make Your Own Wedding Flowers with Yukiko
Studio Workshop in Floral Design
kadomatsu and quince ikebana
magnolia branches ikebana in two holders
Large kadomatsu bouquet symbolizes prosperity and
good health for the New Year at Smith Ranch Homes.
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5-foot designs by Yukiko.
Ikebana with red quince,
green leaves, cymbidium and
flat pussy willow. $150
Bird of Paradise Ikebana
Branch Ikebana about $125 (need notice)
Ikebana of seasonal, native Marin branches and exotic flowers.
Magnolia Leaves & Protea
Ikebana ~
in two holders, $200
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ikebana detail
branch ikebana with cymbidium and kale -- about $250 (need notice)
Ikebana bouquets' quiet dignity and subtle
drama impress special events and important art

Ikebana are suited for memorial and Japanese floral styles
Ikebana floral themes may also become part of
your significant rooms or offices.  Ikebana
arrangements are distinctive in
weekly flower
Bird of Paradise Ikebana  
with Anthurium $105
Hydrangea Ikebana in ceramic boat
ikebana peonies check availability
My ikebana arrangements begin from $89,  or I
can help y
ou make one for yourself!
Three Sisters Ikebana II:  for the second year, I created these three freestyle ikebana.About $89
dahlia ikebana in ceramic container
Japanese ikebana for the North America audience:  
traditionally in Japan ikebana are placed in the
tokonoma for the guest of honor to view from his
customary seat.  One consequence of this cultural
practice is that one side of the flower arrangement is
    Likewise, the view from the rear is neglected
    because no one should be looking from there.  
    North American audiences usually expect to be
    able to see a bouquet from the individual's
    point of view on all sides-- and of course there
    is no tokonoma.  
So, on this website photographs show ikebana from
the traditional "front" side;  however, my studio's actual
flower arrangements are viewable from all sides    
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New Year's Ikebana: Moss Covered Pine
Branches, Kale, Quince Branches and Pine
Cattails and Lilies Ikebana
with lisianthus, harakeke,
red flowering quince ikebana with lilies
Dramatic, fulsome ikebana floral design
peony ikebana with lilies and branches
royal chrysanthemum ikebana with forsythia
Three Sisters ikebana flower arrangement B.
Three Sisters ikebana flower arrangement C.
Three sisters ikebana flower arrangement A.
The Greenbrae Ikebana, 2007
The San Rafael Ikebana, 2007
The Tiburon Ikebana, 2007
Seasonal variation of branch Ikebana theme.
peonies ikebana with branch
New Year's ikebana is 4-feet wide and 6-feet tall.
magnolia branches with cymbidium ikebana
bamboo with seasonal flowers